Unitech MS650 Bluetooth 1D CCD Ring Scanner

Unitech MS650 Bluetooth 1D CCD Ring Scanner

Unitech MS650 Bluetooth 1D CCD Ring Scanner

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The Unitech MS650 is a wearable ring scanner with an ultra-light compact Bluetooth barcode scanner, allowing you to wear it on a finger to keep both hands free for easy movement scanning. It can read 1D barcodes and it is designed to streamline the workflow for a wide range of applications such as warehouse, logistics, retail and inventory management.

Compact design for mobile operators

Whether you prefer left or right-handed operation, the advanced ergonomic and lightweight design (20.5g) of the Unitech MS650 provides unrivalled freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks, comfortably while keeping both hands free.

It’s all in the touch! The Unitech MS650 is designed with a dual touch-2-activate trigger button to activate the barcode reading. Whether you are wearing the MS650 left- or right-handed, just motion the touch-2-activate trigger button to read the barcode you wish to scan. A great feature to enhance control and flexibility, while increasing the operator satisfaction during multitasking.

On-screen barcode readability

Featuring the high-speed decoder, paired with an aggressive scan engine, the Unitech MS650 reads 1D barcodes and offers accurate barcode capture of either on-screen (LCD), or printed barcodes. To ensure accurate aim at barcodes, the MS650 is equipped with a thin sharp class-1 laser aim.