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Refurbished Hardware

All our refurbished products have been thoroughly tested and verified to function properly and without any defects whatsoever. Refurbished is therefore often the smart and economical choice!

Why Would You Choose Refurbished

Cost Effective

Customer service isn’t the most important thing we do. It’s the only thing we do. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated account manager that will not compromise when it comes to providing you with great service.

We Carry Out All Refurbishment In House

This makes our team responsible for all hardware that leaves our premises. We take pride in delivering devices that exceed expectations

Obsolete Products Are In Stock

It's extremely common to use devices that are no longer available NEW or they're no longer supported by the manufacturer. We stock over 20,000 devices that have been discontinued by the manufacturer

Extended Warranties Available

As standard our refurbished hardware come with 90 days warranty. We are so confident in our own workmanship and quality control we can offer to support refurbished devices for up to 5 years

Why We Choose Not To Have An Ecommerce Store

We purposely choose not to sell our products online due to the large number of configurations available & due to the speed availability changes.

Calling a member of our team ensures you receive direct advice from a product expert.