Refurbished Hardware

Refurbished Barcode hardware

Up to 1 Year Warranty available on all refurbished barcode hardware

What are the benefits of buying refurbished barcoding hardware?

This is a question I’m sure many have asked in the past. The question I ask myself is where do I begin…lets first focus on the cost (arguably one of the most important factors).

The typical cost of a refurbished barcode scanner is more than half the price of a brand new unit (40-60% to be specific), take for example the ever popular LS3408, this unit in brand new condition can cost upwards of £400.00 plus, now compare this with the refurbished cost price starting from £180.00, the savings talk for themselves. Add on to this that refurbished barcode scanners automatically come with a 3 month warranty I fail to see how anybody could turn their nose up at such a bargain!


Another fantastic example of this is the famed MC9090 which I’m sure many who are involved in barcoding know about, it is after all essentially the ‘Rolls Royce’ of barcode scanners (at least it is in our opinion). This scanner has been considered ‘legacy hardware’ for quite some time yet still dominates the market. This is because its upgrade, the MC9190, good as it is, is just far too expensive for some (Over £1,200).

A major benefit of refurbished barcoding hardware is that it allows end users across the globe to avoid the inevitable forced hardware upgrade manufacturers are so fond of. It’s no secret that after a manufacturer releases a new line of scanners eventually they will discontinue support for the older models, leaving a lot of end users in a rut. Not every business can afford the luxury of upgrading their hardware every few years and so this is where companies like ours come in, with the ability to provide legacy hardware in grade A refurbished condition, the need for an upgrade is removed.

We don’t speak for all end users or manufacturers but I’m sure if I were in their position, faced with the possibility of spending tens of thousands of pounds on equipment I didn’t want to upgrade to in the first place, I’d be relieved to know there was still the option for me to continue to use the familiar hardware I’d relied on for some many years.

With cost and accessibility to legacy hardware covered let’s now focus on the reliability of refurbished barcoding hardware. You may think refurbished equals poorer quality, the truth is this couldn’t be more wrong. Every single refurbished barcode scanner on the market has had hours, even days of work put in to them to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality equalling those of their brand new counter-parts.

So in conclusion, with a combination of low cost, high accessibility and strong reliability refurbished barcode scanners are one of the smartest investments a business could choose.