Vast Experience Providing New & Refurbished Hardware In To Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics

Codelogic - About Us

Who We Are

Codelogic are the UK's leading provider of refurbished barcode hardware. We have been providing label printers, barcode scanners and hand mobile devices since September 2012. We have worked hard to earn a reputation for being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented. Additionally, we are product experts with deep experience within the sectors we work and the hardware we provide.

Why Would You Choose To Work With Codelogic?

Unmatched Customer Services

Customer service isn’t the most important thing we do. It’s the only thing we do. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated account manager that will not compromise when it comes to providing you with great service.

Deepest Technical Knowledge

Our technical staff has the broadest knowledge and every significant certification in the industry. One of our friendly experts is always available to suggests products or solutions for any situation.

Fastest Response Times

Every phone call and email is responded to promptly, completely, and accurately by our customer service team.

We Provide New vs Refurbished Options

Each customers receives 2 Hardware options...Option 1 New Hardware, Option 2 Refurbished Hardware

Codelogic continues to grow year after year.

We Owe Our Success To You!

We have one overriding objective: Focus on you, the customer. We work hard to listen carefully and ensure the hardware we place with you is the correct hardware, suited to the environment and task in hand. We empower our dedicated industry and product specialists to see themselves as an extension of your business and to advocate internally for the highest of standards.

We Owe Our Success To Our People

We each thrive within the team discussing ideas, development and all things hardware. Our team have brough us ideas such as bringing technical abilities and our repair centres in house. Together we have evaluated, developed and implemented these ideas making them integral to the 1st class service we strive for.

It's testament to our business that each member of our management team has been with us over 10 years and each worked themselves through the business to higher positions. We have always recruited from within and believe in training all of our people in all aspects of our business. A great example of this is that our product experts are all technically trained in the art of repair for every device within their portfolio. They each understand how to trouble-shoot software issues and how to identify and replace core components for every device within their field.

Why We Choose Not To Have An Ecommerce Store

We purposely choose not to sell our products online due to the large number of configurations available & due to the speed availability changes.

Calling a member of our team ensures you receive direct advice from a product expert.

We Work With Over 5000 Clients Across The Following Industries